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The Making of PocketCross
 100% made in The USA

One-of-a-Kind Features

The Pocket Cross is forged and minted in your choice of pure 24k gold, .999% fine silver, or solid Bronze. The PocketCross is then coined or struck to over 20,000,00 PSI so that it, like precious metal coins, will last forever. Finally, it is hand polished and can be individually numbered or initialed, making it unique and personable, and easily identifiable.

The Pocket Cross weighs approximately one forth to one third of an ounce, depending on whether the PocketCross is made of pure gold, silver, or bronze. They are just a little larger than a quarter, small enough to fit in your pocket or purse pocket, but not so large as to make it uncomfortable.

Pocket Cross is a keepsake you will be proud to have, and a great gift, "A Gift For Life".

Pocket Crosses are made to be a "living" reminder, not just a piece of jewelry. "I think it would be nice to have my father's or grandfather's cross. I believe my daughter would cherish having my wife's cross some day."


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